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I imagine potential scenarios of tomorrow’s events before i fall asleep

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This is all I we have to say.



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*looks in the mirror*

what the fuck is that

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  • Lately I've Been Keeping Away From Everyone. I Make Lame Excuses Not To Hang Out With My Friends Or Part Take In Family Activities. I Wasn't Always This Way. I Would Constantly Be Out With Everyone Having Fun And Just "Living" Life I Guess. I Don't Know What Changed Me, I Just Like Keeping To Myself. In My Room, Reading Or Listening To Music. Everyone Says I Should Be Out Drinking And Going To Parties And Just Doing Random Shit. But That's Not Me Or Ever Will Be. I Recently Turned 22 And I Just Feel Like That Life Style Isn't Me Anymore. It Was In High School But I Left That Once I Graduated. Mainly Because I Stopped Seeing My Friends. But Then Again I Feel Like We Were Only Friends Because Of School. And I'm Fine With That. We All Eventually Grow Up, Some Faster Than Others. I Hate Being This Way, Because I Know My Friends Miss Me And Begging Me Must Get Old. But I Cant Help It, I Find Peace Being Alone With My Insanity. And It Shouldn't Have To Get To The Point Where They Have To Beg Me. But The Truth Is, They Can Take Me As I Am Or They Can Leave Me. I Don't Mean To Sound Like a Ass Hole But That's Just The Truth. I'm Happy, I'm Happy Where I Stand Right Now In Life. And I Feel Like That's What Life Should Be. Doing What Makes YOU Happy. I've Always Been Told I'm An Old And I'm Ok With That. I Don't Have Time To Sit Around And Try To Impress Others Or Entertain Them. If They Really Wanna Sit There And Bitch About How Bad Of a Friend I Am, Then Cool Story Bro I Don't Care.


"dinner’s ready!"


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19. October 2014

19. October 2014

"Let’s start over"

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